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Our motto is: “If we don’t know how to answer a question, We do know how to look it up!”

Our mission is simple, provide the most comprehensive resource that is easily understandable for the beginner as well as valuable to the more experience person in the Medical Office and Hospital field.

Our founder, web designer and main blogger is Jolene MacFadden.  Jolene has worked in doctor offices, hospitals, and psychiatric facilities for over 25 years in all phases of Accounts Receivable including billing, Front Office, Back Office, Hospital Admissions, Financial Counseling, ER Admissions and Payroll. She has taken and passed the CHAA – Certified Healthcare Access exam.

Jean Roden, contributor and editor, has also worked in doctors offices, hospitals and psychatric facilities for over 30 years in all phases of the Accounts Receivable area including Medical Auditing.

Amanda MacFadden, contributor and editor, has worked in a hospital setting, urgent care facility, Manager in one of our local doctor’s Offices over Precert and Scheduling and currently working in the Medical Staffing Office of one of our largest hospitals.

Together all of our founding editors have over 60 years of experience to help you on the road to being the “BEST INSURANCE CLERK’ you can be!

Company history

Our Company has been on the web for a couple of years but the personnel that provide the information on the site has over 60 years experience in the Medical Office field between them. We have worked in all areas of the Medical Front and Back Office in both Doctors Offices, Hospitals, Urgent Care Facilities as well as psychiatric facilities.

What This Website is About:

We have created a resource for those who would like to know what being a Patient Access Rep, Revenue Recognition Rep, Hospital Admissions Clerk, ER Registrar, or Front Office Medical Clerk is all about.  There is a basic introduction to what this field is about, some of the knowledge that is required to do the job and some resources for those who are already doing the job.  This along with our blog site at: has all the information you will need to do your job well and to keep abreast of the changes and trends in our field.  We hope you will become a subscriber to this and the blog site as they will both be informative and sometimes even entertaining.  We try not to duplicate our information and none of our articles from the blog will overlap those on our NEWS and UPDATES page here.

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    Relax and Enjoy the Holidays this month but you will also have to get ready for the New Year when most patient’s insurances will change and their deductibles are due again. I hope you are preparing a new cheat sheet for the new year with all your most popular insurance plans and their updated deductibles, […]
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    ICD-10 Learning Resources for all medical office workers, medical coding personnel and even medical staffing persons at all levels. Everyone should be aware of them. And getting an education free is always better. You do not have to be a medical coder to read through this information as the more knowledge you have in your […]
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    ICD-10 Humor is a fun way to get into learning about the new International Classification of Disease coding system that is being implemented in October 2015. Since, we didn’t have anything else to talk about this month or even had the time to keep up with our postings here on this website and our sister […]
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